TURNKEY realization

Our experienced team will help you in all aspects involved in turning FEC you envision to reality.



Analysis of the premisesTechnological planSchematic design Before starting the work we have to define the concept of the project. This is done based on many elements: the study of the local market where the project will be located, the target group of the project, the competition in the market,  the size possibilities the budget, etc.  Technological plan is the fundament of the project. It contains all the key elements such as space planning layout, list of recommended equipment and other requirements. We apply all our expertise to ensure that all the available space is maximally used in terms of entertainment or retail value. At this stage we locate all the equipment, create theme areas and decors. You can select from the range of existing themes or suggest a new theme for our designers to create.
Detailed design


3D models creationStoryboardTechnical documentation 3D models creation is done on the basis of schematic design in special programs so that you can get an idea of the image from every perspective. The detailed designs zoom into every single detail. You can see the future facility from every angle. We give you schemes of socket placement, schemes of pneumatic network for the animatronic models. We give full attention to the sound and light design into the tiniest detail.


Production of decorationsEuipment supplySupervisionStaff training At our production facilities we manufacture all the required decor elements. Delivery, installation and start of operation of all the equipment, presupposed by the project. Warranty obligations. Our experienced designers, sculptors, artists will install all the décor elements. We will train all the administrative and technical personnel how to operate and manage the attraction. >