Trans-Force is a unique interactive audience experience; featuring the most advanced simulation technology to date – offering a configurable player experiences to create a strong entertainment strategy. The Trans-Force provides a unique opportunity for player to be fully immersed within an interactive virtual game environment. Conceptually, the Trans-Force takes the form of a futuristic spaceship making educational and entertaining trips in time and space.

Immersive 4-seat shuttle design
Huge 3D stereoscopy screen
3-DOF (Degrees of Freedom) electric motion platform
Interactivity for all participants (individual multi-directional joysticks)
Extensive multi-language game library
24-hour on-line technical support

Game Experiences – multiple-game content available for the Trans-Force offering the compelling experience of taking an exciting and action filled trip aboard a futurist space craft.

Trans-Force already has successful experience in Russia, Ukraine, Finland and Indonesia with over 50 attractions delivered to customers and installed in different venues. Depending on shopping mall’s footfall and location of the attraction ROI is 6-12 months. It turns Trans-Force in really profitable business opportunity.