Styrofoam products

Eastern- European company’s factory is equipped with high-tech equipment for shape cutting of foam (Styrofoam).
We cut out a lot of products of different complexity both on own sketches, and on sketches provided by the customer.
The figures are made of industrial foam (Styrofoam) using high-tech equipment. Software control allows cutting with high accuracy.

Advantages of foam products:
- Reasonable price;
- Fast, high quality, precise manufacturing;
- Easy to install products;
- Foam is not exposed to thermal expansion. The product is affected neither by heat nor cold;
- Possibility to protect the foam from water using low-cost technology;
- Painting of the foam product is any color, water, latex, acrylic. Color chosen by the customer.

Product Options:
- Volumetric letters, inscriptions, friezes, logos, etc.;
- Decorations;
- Plaster casts of marketable products;
- Architectural elements, etc.