Everybody loves roller coasters!!! The ride has won the hearts of millions. But life goes on bringing considerable changes to different industries and spheres of business. Entertainment industry is not an exception. Nowadays companies are no longer interested in the rides demanding great maintenance expenses. The next generation of rides shall have less installation and operation costs, providing better ROI. Taken in consideration all the current tendencies, our company created the ride resembling famous roller coaster, but still completely different.

We are happy to bring in your attention an absolutely new and unique ride “RotoR” for those who love extreme emotions.

How does it work?
It’s very easy and absolutely safe.
Ride “RotoR” looks like a big wheel with the hollow inside. Inside the wheel there’s 4-seated cart. The wheel at maximum speed goes up and down, rotates left and right, meanwhile visitors enjoy exciting 3D movies on huge screens right in front of the cart. Visitors will have an impression that they are in the mountains going down the serpentine road at extremely high speed. And visitors won’t be able to see anything outside the wheel, which guarantees absolute immersion in virtuality.

Ride “RotoR” will never leave you different, it will plunge you into the world of adrenaline, drive and extreme.