Music ensemble

Musical animatronic puppet ensemble. You can use any music source, ensemble begins to play, move and sing, accompanying to the beat of the music. The General impression arises that the puppet ensemble plays live music that is surprise visitors of your site, make them smile and causes a strong positive emotional experience. Often even adults are wandering - how is that even possible?

Animator have a possibility to speak on behalf of the musician. Cartoon voice with synchronized speech and mouth movements of the puppet leads a conversation with customers, very clearly notices your individual characteristics, characteristic objects. Entertaining kids with speech – dispute, riddles, poems, etc. Animator can use microphone from a distance of 30 m, usually hiding behind the nearest column, or seating in a special place. Total expression from puppets, which play music, singing, joking, leading the party are just incredible! Can be use like advertisement, on the entrance of your FEC, store, café, bars and other plays. Talk with people and invite to your plays. Musical animatronic puppet ensemble also can play music on order in bars and cafes. This is the best new solution for:  
  • Children’s disco;
  • Children’s parties;
  • Cafes, bars, restaurants;
  • Advertising.
  Optional design changes of figures:  
  • any theme decoration;
  • Figures of different species.
The composition of the parts:  
  • 5 animatronic figures of musicians;
  • 5 multi-level stands for the musicians;
  • 5 sets of musical instruments;
  • 1 DVD player;
  • 1 Mixer;
  • 1 set radio voice controller;
  • 1 scrambler cartoon voice;
  • 1 set of wire connections.
  Technical specification:  
  • Required area – 20 square ft.;
  • Altitude – 5 ft.;
  • Voltage – 115V 60H;
  • Power – 500W.
Cost for set of 5 figures – 19 995$ (EXW) Payment terms:  
  • 50% - before production
  • 50% - before shipment
  Production and shipment terms – 2 month. Warranty – 1 year.