Risk management, business consulting, insurance

In the field of business which is mostly associated with creativity and innovations, companies set high standards of ROI. But despite seemingly clear and transparent financial forecasts, implicit risks lurk everywhere. Consequences of these risks can result in unforeseen costs and failure to meet investors’ expectations.

Aiming to help the development of your business, Eastern-European company has formed the team of highly skilled specialists, who can help your business to:

• reduce operation losses;
• increase investors’ interest;
• reduce borrowing costs;
• reduce the cost of insurance;
• react to the competitors’ actions;
• optimize yourself in the declining market;
• assess the risks of entering new markets

Being a full cycle company, Eastern-European Company offers you the full range of services for creation of successful and thriving business in amusement sphere. Starting from business plan development and risk-management to direct operation of your amusement facility.

We guarantee fidelity of our financial forecasts and justification of recommended investments. This is the case when business is not a risk, but investments with pre-negotiated rate of return.